Founded by Burne Stanley-Peters and her late husband Slow Turtle, the
Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness, Inc. (MCNAA) was
incorporated as a private 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization in April 1989. Our
mission is to develop and implement programs that
serve the cultural and spiritual needs of Massachusetts Native Americans; to
financially assist needy Native American residents with food, heating costs, and
college related expenses; to increase public understanding, awareness, and
appreciation about Native Americans; and to preserve the cultural, spiritual,
and traditional ways of the Native American.

Our vision is that MCNAA will be the major organization in Massachusetts that
supports the well-being of Native Americans who are striving to maintain pride
in their culture. MCNAA will also be an organization that the public looks to
for educational and cultural information about Native Americans.

The Governing Board is comprised of seven members whose heritage is from a
number of Native American nations. All Leadership Team members reside in
Massachusetts and represent a range of professional backgrounds. They are: Dawn
Duncan, Claudia FoxTree, Kim S. Orben, Anthony Silva, Burne Stanley-Peters, and
Maria Wilkins. Advisory Committee Members include Joyce Rain Anderson, Don
Barnaby, Eva Blake, Anne Foxx, Doug Mitchell, Autaquay Peters, and Len Rose.
MCNAA also has a general membership of over 2,500. Members live all over the
country and Canada, are from all walks of life, and support the philosophy,
events, and programs of MCNAA.

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